Monday, March 4, 2019

Taji 100 Fun Stats

I'm pulling these stats from my Taji 100 tracker and my Garmin account. I can't trust my Strava numbers as I can't edit them and indoor running always comes out less on the watch than in reality.

Before all this started, in January I ran 8 times for a total of 22 miles.

Total Miles: 102.85
Avg Pace: 15:28
Avg Miles per Day: 3.7 miles
Avg Per Week: 25.7 miles
Total Number of Activities: 43

Total Calories Burned: 8,700 (about 3 dozen donuts worth)

Miles Walked: 25.34 (all these miles were from activites when I set out to walk, warm ups and cool downs with running activites are not counted here)

Highest Mileage Day: 10. 2 miles on Feb 10th
Lowest Mileage Day: 0.53 miles on Feb 22nd

Longest Run: 6.7 miles on Feb 10th

Weather Stats according to Garmin
Lowest Temp: 1 degree on Feb 2nd
Highest Temp: 61 degrees on Feb 4th

Highest Wind Speed: 21 mph on Feb 9th 
Monday Feb 25th had warnings of wind gusts up to 60 mph 

Days I ran/walked in Snow: Feb 12th and 25th

Taji 100 Achievements Earned: 75

Taji 100 : Week 4

As I did in the previous posts for week 1, 2 and 3. Here is the break down of week 4

Week 4 started off with 1.65 miles from the previous week. I was honestly starting to get fairly tired. In January I ran 22 miles, in February I ran more than that in the first week. There is value in a rest day or two.

On Friday I went for a 1 mile walk at lunchtime, but ended up needing a bathroom trip at the half mile mark and didn't get back out to walk the remaining. This was my shortest distance day.

Fudgcicle Award!
Saturday was the last Fudgcicle race, called the Twosome. Everyone races with a partner and placing depends on total time. I ran with my buddy Phil, our team was Chasing Our Hero. Afterwards we headed to Deli King for breakfast(well I drank coffee, stupid food allergies) and the awards for the race series.

I knew Sunday's weather was not going to be nice, so I managed to go for a short walk with Moxie(yes, I once again carried my 9lb dog around on the walk). An hour or so later Alex mentioned a Pokemon Go event and a special Pokemon you could only get from field research. I threw on my sneakers and ran to the nearest Pokestop, then back home.

Sunday's weather was cold rain, yuck. Alex and I headed to the YMCA with the children. While the children played in the adventure zone, he and I ran on the track.

Monday was a busy afternoon of errands with the boys. It was also the start of school vacation week. We went to the Merrimack Y that afternoon so that the boys could use their children's wellness area, while Alex and I did his running workout. A few hours later I was at Winter Warriors and ran another 5 miles, which helped make up for the lack of miles over the weekend.

At Y after Sunday's run
Tuesday was a lunchtime walk on the Y track again.

Wednesday I was starting to get worried. I knew I would succeed but I wanted to avoid walk/running Thursday night trying to finish up the last miles. After work the family went back to the Y for the boys to play and for me to get some miles. Alex joined me for half of them with his running workout. I felt good leaving that day. I joked that even if I woke up sick the next day I could manage to crawl the remaining miles at home, even if I did it in half mile segments.

Thursday the 28th.  This was it, this was the last day. I felt good. I had some time management mistakes that day that lead to free time landing differently than expected.  Early afternoon we went to the Y for a walk since we had some time. All that was left was Winter Warriors that night.
Phil picked me up from work and we arrived early.  We headed out for a half mile warm up, and then back in to run with our groups. Halfway through the run I knew I was done. I still ran a bit more.

Garmin Monthly Summary

Final Count: 102.85 miles!

Friday, March 1, 2019

Taji 100: Gratitude

Before I dive into details, I just want to share this:  I DID IT! I ran or walked 100 miles in February!

Now for some acknowledgements, because I didn't do this alone.

Thank you goes out to

My Husband Alex: He joined me on many of the mile walks, encouraged me to go out and join people for running, took on more than his share of the childcare so that I could go run, and made sure that I ate enough to keep going. He also looked the other way when I got behind on laundry.

My Running Friends: Many of these miles were run with company. If not for my friends checking in on my progress, inviting me to run and encouraging me to run "just a little more". Huge shout out to Phil, who did all of this and more.

Fleet Feet: Thank you for hosting Winter Warriors. Two nights each week of scheduled social running gave me an anchor and a higher likelihood of making 8 miles a week. Group running makes cold winter running easier, shared misery and all that. Along with the running, they ran a donation drive for the Nashua Soup Kitchen. Each run I was able to help others.

Gate City Striders: Thank you for hosting the Freeze Your Buns series. Committing to a 5k every other week helped add to the miles.

Greater Lowell Road Runners: Thank you for hosting the Fudgcicle Series. While I grumbled about how early I had to wake on a cold winter morning, not only did the races help with the miles but I had a great time socializing afterwards.

YMCA of Greater Nashua: Thank you for having an indoor track at each facility. That track was my oasis from the cold. Knowing I could go there at lunch or after work, and just walk a mile. The convenience of not having to change into workout clothing to walk, the lockers readily available to hang my coat. There were also several evening treadmill parties when it was too cold to be outside, let alone run, plus chance encounters with friends.

Taji 100: Thank you for hosting this virtual race, for all the work you do in the back ground to make this happen. Thank you for every virtual achievement badge, I loved collecting them as the month went on. I can only imagine how much work organizing this race is.

The run down of my last week will be in a separate post.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Taji 100 Week 3 Update

I completely forgot to write my week 3 summary. Now I'm through the last weekend in February. I started the week with only a 1.5 mile 'bonus'.
February 15th to the 21st

The week starts as always with a Friday. I've been treating Fridays as rest days and not stressing about major miles, just 1. It looks like it was a 1 mile walk in my neighborhood before dinner.

The weekend is where I have time to get miles. On Saturday I headed to Tewksbury for the Fudgcicle 5k with friends. I always get a little extra distance as I include my walk to the start and the walk back down the route to meet up with friends and run them in. This Saturday I got a PR for the race, which was nice.

Sunday was another Freeze Your Buns Race. I run these with my husband. I was thinking of running extra miles after but honestly I was nearly crawling due to cramps and just didn't want to. Realizing how many miles I did not get that I needed, I went for a mile walk after dinner. 

Husband is super excited that I've dragged
him to another 5k.
Monday is Winter Warriors, which generally means 4-5 miles. There was ice everywhere, so we had to modify the route for safety.  Even with that I managed just over 4 miles while chatting with a friend. It was getting slippery as the run went on and the weather got colder. 

Tuesday was a super busy day, between the office and our Meals on Wheels route. After work was a PTO meeting. In the Spring I might have considered getting dropped off and running home, but placement of snow on the roads between my home and the school, made that very unsafe in the dark. Instead I headed off to the Y and had a treadmill party of 1. I did a lot more walking and less distance than I planned but the dramatic increase in weekly miles has been taking it's toll.
Post YMCA treadmill run

Wednesday's miles were nearly an accident. I headed to the Y to walk a bit before my chiropractic appointment. I felt great and ended up walking over 3 miles on the indoor track. That was the visit that sparked my last blog post. 

My watch did all the C25K reminders!
Thursday morning the roads were gross and icy. We decided to stay local that day and hit the Y at lunch to run. After work that night was Winter Warriors again, which is sadly coming to an end. Can I just express how done I am with 10+ mph winds with below freezing temps? I can handle below freezing, but a 12-20+ mph wind just sucks the heat and breath out of me. That said, aside from careful footing in the park due to slippery slush and then patches of black ice near the high school, I still managed 4 more miles. 

That was the end of the week, getting ready to head into the last week and final stretch. I had 76.65 miles.  Just a small buffer to help. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Exercise Road Block: Workout Clothing

One of my road blocks in the past to exercise was work out clothing

At the Y in my favorite Gym Girl Ultra Skirt.
As an ambassador with Skirt Sports I have tackled the looking good and feeling comfortable while working out.

The bigger problem was, the "I can't go to the gym without the proper clothing" road block.  I'd forget my bag, a piece of clothing or forget to pack, and then justify that as a reason to skip going.

Maybe it's because the Y is a different than gyms I've been in before, but I noticed there are plenty of people walking the track in street clothing.

Now if I forget something, I still go, I just walk. Though I'm fairly certain I have seen someone running the track in jeans and sandals.

As minor as this is and as obvious as the solution is, this was seriously a road block to getting to the gym and working out.

Today I just walked 3.1 miles after my morning shift and before my appointment with my chiropractor.

Pushing myself to run or walk 100 miles in February without the assistance of a marathon training plan has brought many of my excuses into the clear for me to confront them. I'll be better off for having done this challenge.

Taji 100 - Virtual Race to Benefit Red, White & Blue

Friday, February 15, 2019

Taji 100 Week 2 Update

Valentine's Day was the halfway point.
Taji 100 14 day streak badge

The week started out ahead with 2.33 extra miles and I needed them.

Friday was a bit of a rest day and cold. OK truthfully everyday has been cold, but I just wasn't handling Friday's cold well. I did go out and walk a mile after dinner.

Collage of garmin results, Phil & I at breakfast
and my purple tights under my black pants.

Saturday I got up entirely too early to met a friend and head to the Fudgcicle race. He wanted to run a few miles before the race, and I was going to as well(at my pace.) I skipped the pre-race running, and chatted with a friend instead. We then ran the race together, I was struggling some. I think the high mileage is starting to get to me, or the 21 mph winds. Once we finished we ran back along the course to find and encourage friends. I ended up with 3.78 miles for the morning. I wasn't done for the day, that afternoon after a movie, the family headed to the Y to walk the track. The boys ran a mile, while the adults walked.
That night Sunday plans were made.
Collage of my Taji 100 status 56.56 miles
to go. Garmin results for both activites,
cuddling my friends tan Chihuahua,
and Pokemon Adventure sync showing
67.3 km for the week.

Sunday I met up with two friends for a 6 mile run. That  ended up being 6.7 miles. I was struggling some but I was able to do it. As a bonus we ran on a bunch of new roads for my Run Nashua challenge.  Afterwards, one of the friends and I met up with some other runners for a 3 mile walk. That group decided to run instead, so we just walked.Total Daily Mileage: 10.24

This was a  good set up for the week. I didn't need many miles and I knew I was missing Winter Warriors on Monday. 

Monday at lunch, my husband and I stopped off at the Humane Society and dropped off some donations, then we went for a mile walk. More new roads!
My selfie in front of Humane Society banner
Selfie in the snow, with face mostly covered.

Tuesday we had a snow storm, once we were settled in the house, I went to go running. I didn't manage to run much as I had eaten too recently but I did walk another mile.

Wednesday was one of those days when everything times out wrong. I ended up taking Moxie for a walk that night and carried him most of the way so I could check off another mile.

Holding Moxie after walking outside

Because the weekend had been so good, not running Monday to Wednesday was not a problem for miles.

Gift from Husband, Flowers, beef sticks.
card and gift bag,

Thursday was Valentines Day! My husband surprised me with a hydration vest and flowers. He gets me. I went to Winter Warriors and ran with my WW running friends. Due to excessive ice and us being super careful, we didn't do our usual 4+ miles, but 3.63 miles was enough to bump we move the 50 mile total line, with 0.48 extra to start the new week.
With 2 running friends after Winter Warriors

Pace chart of run. Dips are the icy park.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Taji 100: Week 1 Update

It's been 7 days since Taji 100 started. My goal was 25 miles. I succeeded and banked XX miles toward the goal.

I'll be honest I was nervous.  This year I wasn't training for a marathon. I hadn't run a weekend long run in ages and I know those are critical for success. Instead of just running, I had to make a plan.
All my achievement to date!

The plan 

Walk at least 1 mile every day at lunch. Generally these miles end up being 1.1 or 1.25, which in the end of the challenge will add up.

Attend every single Winter Warrior run in February. I know I'll get in at least 4 miles. Challenge myself to go with a running group, instead of the Winter Walkers.

Attend Fudgcicle 5k and Freeze Your Buns, try to get miles in before and after.

Use my YMCA membership and go, even if it's to walk the indoor track. Remember if I'm walking the track I don't need to change into workout clothing, don't use I forgot to pack as an excuse. Bring the boys to YMCA as well. They love the adventure zone and the kids wellness area.

What I have done

Friday  Feb 1, to start things off, after work, I went to the Y with my husband and we walked nearly 2 miles before heading out to pick up the children. I knew Friday would be a rough day to get many miles.

Saturday I made up for it. I suited up and braved the -2 to 1 degree weather for the Fudgcicle 5k. Afterwards, I went to the Y with my family so the boys could play in the wellness area. I ended up walking nearly 3 miles on the track with my husband.

Sunday was Freeze Your Buns 5k with the husband. Then lots of resting before I took Moxie our 9lb Min Pin for a walk, which ended up being a 1 mile carry the dog.

Monday's course and stats!
Monday I went for a lunchtime walk and then to Winter Warriors for 4.5 miles. I opted to go with my friends that were running, rather than the walkers. We did the usual route and added on another half mile.

Tuesday is a busy day at the office, plus my husband and I have a Meals on Wheels Route. If I recall I was having rough headspace day and only did a 1 mile-ish walk after dinner to check off another mile.
What was I thinking Wednesday

Wednesday I was doing much better. We got to my chiropractors office early and went for a walk that not only got nearly 1.5 miles to my tally, but checked off a few more roads on my Run Nashua map. That evening I went to the Y, bumped into a good friend, ran 2 miles on the treadmill with the elevation set at 6, hiked up 35 floors on the StairMaster(that don't count toward Taji 100) and then did a 1 mile cool down walk on the indoor track. Since I have several mountain races in my future, I'm using the stair master to help prep me for all the hills.
With Carolina and Olive! Yes that is duct tape on my sneakers. 

Thursday was Winter Warriors again. I knew I only needed 1.8 miles to get my 25 miles for the first week goal.

I'm proud that I not only accomplished my goal of 25 miles, I accomplished 27.33 miles!

Today will be a rest day, so I'll likely get in a 1 mile walk to keep the streak going. Tomorrow is Fudgcicle 5k again.
Current Run Nashua map.